Natural Phenomena Simulation Group

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NPSGD Framework

The NPSGD (Natural Phenomena Simulation Group Distributed) is a framework designed to facilitate the online release of light transport models.

NPSGD acts as a thin wrapper around existing models, providing a simple interface to connect executableparameters to web-specified parameters. It communicates results through e-mail, allowing for online running of predictive and time intensive (hours, days, or weeks) simulations in a friendly and fault tolerant way. Output is available as typeset pdfs and text files.

NPSGD is modelling language independent, using light python-based wrappers around existing implementations. We have models currently implemented in both C++ and Matlab. NPSGD runs as a distributed system, allowing many worker machines and processes to execute jobs in parallel. Workers are highly isolated from the web facing interface.

We currently use NPSGD to provide the web interfaces for our ABM-U, ABM-B, BioSpec, CLBlood, HyLIoS, ILIT, SPLITS-2, SPLITS and SPLITSnow models.

Source Code / Download

Source code for NPSGD is available on github. If you would like to use NPSGD on your own, please clone a copy out of the repository using the command "git clone git://".


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