Natural Phenomena Simulation Group

University of Waterloo



Online Models

In 2010, the group decided to make its models available for online running. The online interface to our models is generated using our own NPSGD Framework. Model results are provided via email (pdf and text files). We currently have the following models available:
  • ABM-U: Algorithmic BDF Model for Unifacial Plant Leaves
  • ABM-B: Algorithmic BDF Model for Bifacial Plant Leaves
  • BioSpec: Biophysically-Based Spectral Model of Light Interaction with Human Skin
  • CLBlood: Cell-Based Light Interaction Model for Human Blood
  • HyLIoS (Extended Spectrometric Version): Hyperspectral Light Impingement on Skin
  • ILIT: Iridial Light Transport Model
  • ILIT Interactive: Interactive Version of Iridial Light Transport Model
  • SPLITS: Spectral Light Transport Model for Sand (temporarily offline for maintenance)

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